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A Fresh Start - Part 2: First Day of School
I woke up to my alarm and moaned as I turned it off. It was five o'clock. I sat up and sighed. I rubbed the back of my neck as I stood up and headed downstairs. I wonder if David has a page on what to do with Cora and getting her ready for school. Starting the kettle, I grabbed the toaster and make breakfast. Toast will be just fine today. Once everything was ready, I sat down with the notebook and open it to the next page I was up to. I found a page about school.
'School. Please wake Cora up at least at six to make sure she's up and ready for school. She has either cereal or toast for breakfast. For lunch, make sure she has enough for the day. You should know what to do. There are two small water bottles in the freezer which slides into the lunch boxes which acts like a ice break. Make sure she has a sandwich. Take care and make sure you all take care on you way to school.'
I took a deep breath as I took a sip of my coffee. Well, now I know what to do. I finished my breakfast a
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Broken Man - Part 2: The Bully
It started off as a normal Monday. Everything was normal right up to assembly we have before recess. After the normal assembly was over, my grade, the tenth grade. I looked at Natalie who had his arms wrapped mine. I then looked at the stage to see our principal, Mr Young. He looked to the side, then nod. A group of students walked in and onto the stage.
"Okay everyone, these students are from Scone High and are here to study and learn in the city." Mr Young explained.
They're here. I quickly scan the stage, then my eyes landed on a female student. Aria Rose.
"Do you know any of them?" I heard Natalia askes.
I looked down and nod. Why? Why is she here? I don't understand. Out of all people. I looked at Natalie who was staring at me.
"Jayden." Natalie whispered.
I sighed, looking at Aria who was looking down.
"Aria Rose." I whispered.
"The Aria Rose?" I heard Natalie asked.
I nod. I looked at Natalie who was staring at Aria.
"Don't." I told her.
"She was the main one that hurt you, the
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Broken Man - Part 1: The Past
I use to live in a small town called Scone. People used to always say I'm broken because I'm different. Because I can't feel anything, well physical I can't. I can't feel pain. I can't feel people touching me. Doctors tried to figure out why but no could. My parents tried to help with the tests. I didn't really understand what was going. I did what I was told when it came to the tests.
The doctors truly did try to find out what was wrong with me but there was nothing they could really find. After a while, my parents gave up. One night, I snuck to their bedroom door while they thought I was asleep and I heard them say it was costing too much. I try to act happy in front of my parents, I never wanted them to see me cry.
Then there was school, when I actually went. I was always picked. People found it fun to push me around, beating me. It was a game to them. After all, I didn't feel anything. One day I was pushed down stairs. I went to the offices, then went home. Mum took me straight to
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Starlight Detective - Chapter 12
Caley gasped as she woke up and looked around scared. Caley then smiled, seeing Melody fast asleep next to her. Caley sighed, looking out the window. She can't get up since she's on the window side. She also doesn't want to wake up Melody. Caley took a deep breath.
'Why? Why did this happened? I really fucked up. I let my guard down.' Caley thought.
She sat up and sighed. Her head hurts. She looked out the window and smiled as she laid down on her side, looking out the window. It look like it was going to be a beautiful day. She then heard Melody moaned so she looked over to see Melody opening her eyes. Melody looked over and smiled.
"Caley." Melody whispered.
Caley sighed as she sat up.
"Are you okay?" Melody asked.
"No." Caley replied as she got up.
She walked into the kitchen and started making something to eat. Melody sighed as she got up and walked over.
"Caley." Melody whispered.
"I messed up." Caley whispered.
Melody looked at her worried and Caley sighed. Melody wrapped her arm
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Life as a Ghoul
Life is hard, but it's like that for everyone, right? Well for me, it is harder. I always have to watch my back, make sure no one knows what I am. I am not in the mood to be hunted down. It was a normal day, living in the 13th Ward is great. There aren't many ghouls around or Doves so I can live comfortably and freely. I stare at my ceiling and sighed. A soft meow shifted me back into reality. I sat up to see a black and white cat sitting at the doorway. Morgana. Then a small black kitten walked over and I chuckled. Kuro.
"Alright, I'll get you breakfast." I said, getting up.
I yawned as I walked out and put food down for the pair. Living is hard, but see these two always made me smile. Finding them abandoned in a cardboard box that was tapped closed made me sick. I had to take them in. I quickly made my morning coffee and walked out onto the balcony.
"Akira!" a female voice shouted.
I looked to my left to see her, my neighbour, work collage and best friend, Miyu Uchida. She has long,
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Teagan - Dragon Master by MilesPrower2011 Teagan - Dragon Master :iconmilesprower2011:MilesPrower2011 3 2
Monster - Trap
{Athena: 14 | Celty: 32 | Oslac: 31 | Nathan: 22}
I woke up to my alarm. I moaned as I turned it off. It was school holiday so I don't have to get up. I then heard my phone start ringing. I opened my eyes as I grabbed it to see it was Celty. I sighed, then answered it.
"Hello." I whispered.
"It's almost eight and you're still in bed." Celty said.
"School holidays, I can sleep in." I said, sitting up.
"Well I have a huge job. The Augustus Brotherhood are up to something big. I need your help." Celty told me.
"Okay, I'll get ready." I told her.
"Good, be there soon." Celty said.
She hanged up. I sighed as I got up and walked to fridge. Not how I wanted to start the morning. I started making my breakfast, it's going to be a long day. After breakfast, I quickly got dress and did my hair. When I was done, I heard knocking. I sighed, making my way to the front door and opened it to see Celty.
"Sorry for the last minute call." Celty said.
"Let me grab my bag and pu
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Captured - Chapter 4
I moaned as I open my eyes to see a white ceiling. Where am I? I remember being in the car with Jumin and Jaehee and that's it. Did I pass out again?
"Teagan." a softly voice said. I looked over to see Jaehee. She stood up and walked over.
"Jaehee?" I whispered. I sighed, a part of me thought it was just a dream.
"Yes? Do you want me to get the doctor?" Jaehee asked.
"No!" I quickly yelled. Jaehee looked at me shock. I felt tears in my eyes. It was over. It was finally over. "Don't leave me." I cried. Jaehee nodded, walking closer.
"Mr Han is working on some paper work. We are going to make sure you get the care you need. We will also have two guards at your door at all time. Also, when you are release, I recommend you stay with me." Jaehee explained. I nod. Yes, I will stay with her. No way in hell am I going back to that apartment. Jaehee smiled. "Also, Zen and Yoosung should also be here soon." Jaehee added.
"Zen, Yoosung?" I whispered.
"We have been so worried." Jaehee admitted. I
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Taken - Chapter 20
Day 40: Home
Sonette wakes up with sunlight in her eyes. She felt arms around her. She looks back to see Shadow fast asleep behind her and smiles as she face forward. She stayed in Shadow's room, wanting to be by him after what happened yesterday. Sonette rolls over and snuggles into Shadow' chest. Shadow opens his eyes, feeling Sonette move, and smiles.
"Morning." Shadow whispers.
"Morning." Sonette whispers, looking up at him.
"Are you okay?" Shadow asks worried.
"No." Sonette replies. Shadow kiss Sonette and Sonette place her hands on Shadow's chest. Shadow breaks the kiss and Sonette smiles.
"I love you." Shadow said.
"I love you too." Sonette whispers. They heard a knock on the door. Shadow got up and walks over as Sonette sits up. Shadow opens the door to see Teagan and Amy, both holding a brown paper bag and a coffee.
"Breakfast." Amy said smiling.
"Come on in." Shadow said walking back. The pair walks in, Teagan walks to Sonette who smiles.
"Here." Teagan said, handing t
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A Fresh Start - Part 1: A New Town
I woke up to a thud and quickly looked out the train window. I sighed. A tunnel. It was so dark. I started at my reflection. I pushed my long black hair. I sighed, my green eyes were half closed. I lean back and moaned. Why am I here? I sighed, why does it matter anymore. I am here. We made it out of the tunnel and I saw a ocean view. It was beautiful. I stretched and smiled. We are close. This is my home now. I looked at the chair across from me, I have a large purple suitcase, a large black and purple backpack and two black duffle bags. I got up, putting the backpack on, throwing the duffle bag over my shoulder and grabbed my suitcase. I walked to the doors and waited. The view was amazing.
"We will be arriving at Townsville shortly." a voice over the PA said.
I took a deep breath. This is a second chance. I hope this doesn't end bad. When we made it to the train station and the door opens. I got out and started making my way out. Long train rides sucks. Once out, I looked aro
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Starlight Detective - Chapter 11
Tristan, Nathan and Melody made it to the dock. They ran off. They then saw Maddison lying at the end of the docks.
"Caley!" Maddison cried.
Maddison looked over, hearing footsteps.
"She's down there! Quickly!" Maddison shouted.
Tristan took his jacket off and dived in. Melody grabbed Maddison, cutting the rope.
"Caley." Maddison whispered.
Nathan walked over and stared down.
"Come on Tristan. Come on." Nathan whispered.
Tristan then appeared holding an unconscious Caley.
"Quickly!" Tristan yelled.
Nathan grabbed and pulled Caley put, then started CPR.
"Caley!" Melody cried.
Melody grabbed Maddison before she could move.
"Come on! Come on!" Nathan shouted.
"Caley!" Maddison screamed.
Caley then spat out water as she opened her eyes. Nathan pushed her onto her side as Caley started coughing like crazy. Tristan grabbed his jacket and wrapped it around Caley. Nathan shook his head, patting and rubbing Caley's back. Caley then looked over.
"Tristan." Caley cried.
Tristan nod. Caley sat up
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Starlight Detective - Chapter 10
Caley was lying on Maddison's bed with Maddison next to her. They were working on the flyer. Madison leans into Caley who looks at her shock.
"Are you okay? Do you want a break?" Caley asked.
Maddison nodded.
"Yeah, we have done three types. We can work on the fourth later." Maddison whispered.
"Of course." Caley said.
She closed the laptop, sitting it on the bedside table.
"How are you feeling?" Caley asked, looking at Maddison.
Maddison has her eyes closed.
"A little scared." Maddison admitted. "She's gone, really gone." Maddison whispered, opening her eyes.
"Yeah, she's gone." Caley said softly.
"Thanks for coming, it really freaked me out and I just didn't want to be alone." Maddison said, looking at Caley.
"Glad I could be here." Caley said.
"Can we go for a walk?" Maddison asked, sitting up. "I want to get some treats, there's a small store not far from here." Maddison explained.
"Sounds like fun." Caley said.
They got up and head downstairs.
"Grandma! We're going out!" Maddison
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Mystic Messenger - Zen (2) by MilesPrower2011 Mystic Messenger - Zen (2) :iconmilesprower2011:MilesPrower2011 2 0
Who are you?
Who am I? I don't know. I know I'm different. I have known that for as long as I can remember. I don't understand why I am different. People say, being different is a good thing. No, no this isn't a good thing. I don't like being different. I don't like feeling the way I do. I want it to end. Why? Why am I like this?
Have you ever felt isolated and alone even though you are surrounded by family and friends?
I do, all the time. I feel like I'm alone. No one around me understands me. I'm sure I'm not truly alone. I'm sure someone, somewhere, feels the same. I sit there and I smiled, I play the great act. I laugh at their jokes, laugh at the good times but deep down, I feel nothing. Darkness. Cold. I hide it well, not many people have picked it up yet. Though some have. They all ask the same questions.
Are you okay?
Yes, everyday I lie to them. I mean, what's the point in talking to them. They don't understand. I have tried to many times to talk, but it n
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Starlight Detective - Chapter 9
Caley woke up to her alarm and moaned as she turned it off. She sat up and looked around. Something felt off. Caley sighed as she got up and went to make breakfast. Caley heard a ding so she looked back to see Melody.
"Melody, what are you doing up?" Caley asked.
Melody sighed as she walked over.
"I can't go back to sleep." Melody whispered.
"I'm cooking bacon and eggs, would you like some?" Caley asked.
Melody smiled.
"Please." Melody said.
"Alright." Caley said.
Caley then started cooking. Melody smiled.
"It's been so long since we had breakfast together." Melody admitted.
Caley smiled.
"That is true." Caley whispered.
Melody giggled.
"What?" Caley asked.
"Nothing." Melody whispered.
Caley smiled.
"You are a worried Melody." Caley whispered.
Melody giggled. After breakfast, Caley got dressed in her school uniform. She walked out to see Melody waiting with Anthony.
"Ready?" Anthony asked.
Caley sighed, fixing her tie. Anthony smiled as he walked over and started to fix Caley's tie.
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Starlight Detective - Chapter 8
Ryder and Sully made it to the Moonlight Docks, Ryder looked around and sighed.
"This way." Sully said walking off.
Ryder followed him. Ryder looked around again.
"This place is huge." Ryder said.
"Yeah, it is." Sully whispered. "Come on, ports 100 to 150 is this way." Sully said.
Ryder looked down the walkway. They came to port 103 to see the large fishing boat.
"Now this is a nice boat." Ryder said, getting on.
He started looking around, carefully.
"But as Lily said, too small to live in and not enough protection from the weather." Ryder added.
"There isn't much here." Sully said, scanning the boat.
"There isn't." Ryder said. "It has already been clear." Ryder added.
Sully sighed.
"This is bad." Sully said.
"Can I help you two?" a male voice asked.
Sully looked over to see a worker.
"No, we are fine." Sully replied.
"Well I can't have you here, this isn't your boat. I'll have to call the police." the worker told the pair.
"No need." Ryder said as he got out and grabbed his badge.
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Because I am lazy and don't have much time to really play this whole tag thing (sorry :iconmollyshine:) but just for fun I will do the questions and facts...

13 Facts about me

1. My favorite colours are blue and purple
2. I can be really lazy and not do anything all day (needs to change though)
3. I suffer from depression and anxiety (I don't why I am putting this here)
4. I love cats and foxes, and they are my weak point
5. I have never been in a relationship (and don't plan on one either)
6. I am no crazy in love with anime and can't see my lift without it (it makes me happy when I'm down)
7. My hair colour is brown and my eyes are green (just for fun)
8. I love video games, I am also a PlayStation fan but I do love Xbox
9. I only have one friend (in real life - Molly is like a friend to my online) and she means the world to me
10. I love the rainy days
11. I sometimes feel like a burden to my family
12. I am a Fujoshi
13. I love writing fan fictions but, I also love creating my own stories. Anime also inspires me with so many ideas :heart:

(I had so much trouble thinking facts about me)

MollyShine's Questions

1. What your favorite childhood show?

2. What the best game you played?
Bioshock 2

3. What the worst game you played?
Heavy Rain

4. What is your favorite anime from your childhood? (and you can't say Sailor Moon)
Astro Boy

5. Which Persona game have you play?

6. Are you a chocoholic?

7. What is you birth stone?

8. Is there a ship on any show or game you love?
Masamine 'Saga' Takano & Ritsu Onodera (Sekaiichi Hatsukoi - anime shows count, right?)

9. What your hobby?

10. What got you into deviantART?
Don't remember (it was 5 years ago)

11. Who your favorite YouTuber?

12. Who is your favorite actor?

13. What are you planning to do next month?
Find work and maybe lose more weight
  • Listening to: Mermaid - Train
  • Watching: One Piece
  • Drinking: Water


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